4 Things About House Cleaning That Are Not True!


House cleaning can be time-consuming, and there’s never enough time in the day to get everything done. To make matters worse, some of the most common advice you’ll read online is flat-out wrong! If you want to learn how to clean your house better and faster, take a look at these four common myths on residential cleaning in Santa Clara that you should never believe.

Myth 1: You Don’t Need to Vacuum Regularly

You might not be able to see it, but there are particles of dust and dirt floating in the air. When you vacuum your home, you’re removing these particles from the air and trapping them in a bag or canister. These particles will settle on furniture and floors if you don’t vacuum regularly. Vacuuming is essential to any cleaning routine because it removes dirt that has been tracked into your home and settles on your carpets.

Myth 2: Only High-Touch Surfaces Must Be Disinfected

It’s vital to disinfect more than just high-touch surfaces because these are the most likely areas to harbor harmful bacteria. Wiping down non-high-touch surfaces will prevent any potential illness from spreading quickly throughout your home. In addition, make sure to thoroughly clean appliances such as dishwashers, ovens, and microwaves regularly with soap and water, so they are not breeding grounds for harmful bacteria.

Myth 3: Professional House Cleaners Aren’t Worth Hiring

House cleaning is a time-consuming task. If you do it yourself, you will have to put in a lot of hours. Expert house cleaners offer many services, including dry and wet dust, vacuum carpeting, mopping hard floors, polishing furniture, shining glass and chrome, and scouring kitchens and baths. Trained, well-equipped House cleaning services in Santa Clara do their jobs to provide the best results.

Myth 4: Baking Soda Cleans Everything

Baking soda does have some cleaning properties, but it is different from the all-purpose cleaner you might think. Baking soda is a mild abrasive that can remove dirt from things like pots and pans and make them look shiny. It also helps clean greasy surfaces like your stovetop. However, it will not work on hardwood floors because it will scratch the surface and ruin the finish of your floor.

When it comes to keeping your house clean and tidy, you can’t trust everything you hear from your friends and family. But you don’t have to live in an unsightly, unclean home either. Enjoy a clean and fresh home by hiring a professional maid service in Santa Clara. The experts will offer regular cleaning without breaking the bank.

The author has worked at a professional maid service in Santa Clara for more than four years. In this article, she debunks some popular misconceptions about house cleaning. Visit https://americanhousecleaning.com/

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