5 Surprising Things in Your House You Must Clean Regularly, But Probably Don’t


We all know that cleaning the house is important in order to keep it looking and feeling great. Cleaning can be a daunting task, especially when you think you’ve already done the basics. But there are some surprising things that you probably don’t think about when it comes to regular cleaning and maintenance. An expert in house cleaning in Redwood City highlights these five surprising things in your house that you should be cleaning regularly.

Washing Machine:

Your washing machine may be the biggest appliance in your home, but you may be surprised to learn that it needs regular cleaning too. This is especially true if you have a front-loading model, which can easily accumulate mold and mildew. To keep your washing machine clean and odor-free, use a cleaning solution specifically designed for it. Also make sure to leave the door open when not in use, as this allows air to circulate and helps reduce the chance of bacteria growth.

The Toothbrush Holder:

For something so small, toothbrush holders can get surprisingly gross and unsanitary if not cleaned properly. Its important to clean your toothbrush holder at least once a month to keep it free of bacteria, dirt and dust. Its also a good idea to replace your toothbrush holder every few months to ensure that youre not harboring any germs.

The Door Handles:

When it comes to house cleaning in Redwood City, you might not think to pay much attention to your door handles. However, they can be a hotbed for germs and dirt. Since everyone touches the doorknobs in the house, this is one of the first places that should be cleaned regularly. All you need is some all-purpose cleaner or even just a rag with soapy water. Spray the cleaner on the handle and wipe off with a damp cloth or rag.

The Refrigerator:

While you may do a deep clean of the refrigerator every couple of months, its important to regularly wipe down the shelves and drawers with an all-purpose cleaner as well. Spills often occur, leading to sticky residue that could cause mildew or mold growth. Wipe down all surfaces on the inside of the fridge at least once every few weeks to keep everything clean and fresh.

The Remote Control:

Your remote control likely gets a lot of use every day, whether it be for watching TV, streaming shows and movies, or playing video games. It is easy to forget to clean it regularly, but the dirt and grime that builds up on the buttons can not only make it harder to use, but it can also spread bacteria. Clean it properly and let it air dry before using again.

It’s no secret that a clean home is important for both your mental and physical wellbeing. There are many areas in your home that need regular attention to stay germ-free and looking their best, but sometimes it can be hard to pay attention to them. This is why you should hire professional cleaners in Redwood City who will get the job done for you.

The author is a house cleaning professional who has several years of experience working at a cleaning service in Redwood City. He regularly writes articles on house cleaning for various online publications. Visit https://americanhousecleaning.com/

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