4 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Home’s Interior

If you’re the type who loves to decorate, adding details to your home’s interior design in Walnut Creek can be one of the most satisfying projects you can take on. That being said, it’s also easy to get carried away with the process and make costly mistakes along the way if you’re not equipped with the experience […]

Remodeling Your Home? Consider these 4 Things First

As you know, remodeling your home can be an exciting time. Whether you’re looking to sell or just wanting to redecorate, there are many things to consider before beginning the process of remodeling your home. This guide will walk you through the four most important considerations when getting started on remodeling your home. Define Your […]

Looking to Spruce Up Your Home? Here are 4 Tips for Picking an Interior Designer!

Interior design can be a difficult, overwhelming process that requires the help of professionals to bring your vision to life. An interior designer can greatly impact the overall look and feel of your home, whether you’re redesigning it from scratch or wanting to implement some new elements in an existing room. But with so many […]

3 Reasons DIY Interior Design isn’t a Good Idea

Creating or modifying your interior design can breathe new life into your commercial space and enhance the experience for your employees and customers. Obviously, we want the results to match with the vision we have in mind. For the exact same reason, several people believe that undertaking the design project themselves would be the best […]

Here’s How to make Your Commercial Space Stand Out

Did you know that commercial design is one of the determinants of a business’ success? If you own a restaurant or a shopping centre, it must have an appealing interior space to attract as many customers as possible. Imagine if a store is very congested and unorganised without enough lighting. The shopping experience would be […]

Designing Your Office Space? Don’t Ignore these 5 Important Aspects

Interior design is an inevitable element for any property, let alone offices. Whether your company needs a full-blown office redesign or you just want to spruce things up and give your space a new feel, there are several factors to consider. If you are curious to know what they are, here are some ideas from […]

What makes a Commercial Interior Design Project Successful?

A commercial interior design project can be very daunting. One needs to choose from a wide variety of materials, colours and lighting to create an appealing space. However, a little planning and research goes a long way in making it successful. If you are planning for an interior design project, here’s a list of useful […]

Key Elements of a Good Restaurant Design

Juan Montoya said it right, “A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.” The same thing applies to restaurant design as well. Whether you are planning to open a new restaurant or revamping the old one, restaurant interior design is crucial as it can impact […]