Is it Worth Investing in Smart Lighting Control?

If you’re trying to decide whether it’s worth it to start adding smart lighting control into your business, you might be unsure about how much it will help you in the long run. Lighting control systems can provide many benefits to your building and its inhabitants. In addition to the obvious advantages, such as providing […]

Building Automation System – All You Need To Know

A building automation system (BAS) can seem complicated at first glance, but it’s simply an intricate control system that makes your building easier to manage and live in. BAS products all serve the same purpose of keeping up with building needs while automating processes, so you don’t have to micromanage each detail. If you want […]

Here’s How IoT is Revolutionising Smart Building Automation

Is your facility efficient and functional? How efficient is your facility? It’s a common ignorance that the building is functional and there aren’t any visible signs of trouble, so why alter or bring in some changes as it would be unnecessary expenses. But, you’re mistaken.While these concerns are considerable, you’re missing out on the cost-saving […]

How Can Smart Buildings Help Save Money?

Iot platform is the future, and it is revolutionising the building operations! IOT gives endless possibilities for creating intelligent environments, reducing energy costs, building operation costs, carbon footprint, and boosting productivity. With building automation and control systems in place, the building as a whole will perform well, and the efficiency can be increased up to […]

Why is it Essential to Make an Old Building Sustainable and Smart?

Global CO2 emission numbers are skyrocketing with every passing year, and carbon emissions from buildings are the major problems every government has to deal with. In 2013, the concentration of CO2 crossed the threshold of 400 parts of a million for the first time in a million years. Ever since things have gotten worse. Today, […]

Should You Invest In Automated Building Systems?

Facility management is one of the key elements of a successful business. Every facility manager would agree to this. Managing a facility isn’t an easy task. Right from security to operation, facility management is as stressful as it is. But, what if there’s an integrated facility solution that simplifies and optimise while helping your organisation […]

5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Hardwood Floors in Top Shape

Homeowners have a special love for hardwood floors. They are elegant, stylish, and durable too. Plus, they add more value to your home. Even though maintaining hardwood floors is easier than other flooring options such as carpets, people hardly dedicate their time towards cleaning and maintenance. As a result, hardwood floors gradually lose their sheen […]

5 Things to Remember when Finding a Flooring Company

If you are planning on refinishing or installing hardwood floors, you should get the assistance of the best flooring company. A good floor defines the beauty and comfort of your home. Whether you are constructing a new home or remodeling an existing one, flooring is definitely a significant investment. This is why you should always […]

How to Find the Best Architects to build Your New Home?

Building your dream home is indeed one of the biggest investments you will ever make. This is why you should tread carefully when choosing an architect. Taking the time to research and handpick the right architecture company Sydney will definitely pay off. You will have to work together with the experts and nurture a good relationship in […]

Why Building Automation System is so Important

Do you own an industrial, commercial, or institutional building? Or are you planning to start a business like this? Well, one thing that you must consider is installing a Building Automation System ( BAS).BAS is one half of your building’s brain. Without a BAS of course it doesn’t mean it will collapse yet it’s not that safe […]