Lighting Matters: 4 Reasons Why it’s Important in Interior Design


When you think of interior design, the first thing that may come to mind is an image of beautiful decorations and luxurious furniture. Lighting is one of the important parts of interior design, yet it usually gets overlooked. Whether you’re designing your own home or planning the layout of an office building, it’s important to consider the role of lighting in creating a beautiful space. If you’re looking to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional interior space, an interior designer in San Ramon explains why lighting should be at the top of your list.

1. Light Accentuates Colors

The right lighting is a very important part of interior design. Correct lighting can make colors pop and makes your interior looks beautiful and spacious. When planning your color scheme, be sure to take note of how the light will affect your chosen colors. Depending on the source of the light, its quality, and its direction, the appearance of the color varies. It is important to consider both the natural and artificial light in a room before a color scheme is determined.

2. Lighting Sets the Mood

The right lighting can help set the tone for any room. You can use light to brighten a space and make it feel more inviting or go with a dimmer setting to create a more intimate atmosphere. Good lighting can also help you show off your home décor in San Ramon, CA. Layering different types of light is the key to creating the effect you desire.

If you’re doing a lot of cooking in the kitchen, installing well-placed task lights can help. If you’re trying to read in bed, install lamps on either side of the bed so that there’s always one near you when you need it most.

3. Lighting Improves Safety

Good lighting can help prevent falls and other accidents in the home. It can also help you see things more clearly, which can be handy when cooking or working on a project. Some types of lighting, such as task lamps, are designed to shine light where it’s needed. In a kitchen, for example, under-cabinet lights brighten up the counter workspace.

4. Highlights Features with Directional Lights

Directional lights are key when you want to highlight home décor in San Ramon, CA. Directional lighting will help draw the eye to the area you want to showcase, whether it’s a painting, a bookcase, or even a plant. You can use directional lighting to create different atmospheres in your home. Want a cozy reading nook? Add an adjustable lamp next to your favorite armchair. Looking for something more dramatic? Use spotlights to highlight architectural features or art pieces.

Lighting can completely transform a home or kitchen design in San Ramon. It can set the mood and make your house look comfortable and inviting. Talk to an interior designer, and they can tell you how to make the most of the lighting in your home.

The author is a professional interior designer in San Ramon who has several years of experience in home design and remodeling. She is currently working at a recognized company offering competitive prices for top-notch interior design work. Visit

Sheeja Nair

Sheeja Nair

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